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Our dev team's velocity has increased by 500%

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Product and Technology Lead of Hermisferio

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"The team at Cloud Inn Consulting is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach."

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Do you only do consulting work?2022-09-28T22:54:29+10:00

While we are a team of consultants, we can also do the implementation of the solutions we consult on. This proves that we don't only talk the talk, but we can also walk the talk. This is our point of difference.

What services do you provide?2022-09-28T22:58:51+10:00

We have over 15 years experience building and scaling world-class solutions. We work with businesses of any size and our main goal is to add value to your business. Our services range from general consulting to implementing Proof of Concepts (POCs) for your next big idea. We build connections and form long-lasting relationships with our customers and provide unparalleled service.

How long do I need to wait to start working with you?2022-09-28T23:02:39+10:00

While we are in high demand, we typically engage with our clients on a part-time, or contract basis. Therefore, we can always find a project timeframe that suits your needs. Following our initial (free) consultation, we can get started as early as next week.

How do you charge your clients?2022-09-28T23:05:41+10:00

We have a few flexible ways that we can charge our clients. It all depends on the nature of your project or needs. We can engage on an ongoing basis and bill you hourly for a set number of hours per week or month. We can also work on fixed-price projects where we agree on certain deliverables by a certain date.  Talk to us about various options we have available.

Are there any lock-in contracts?2022-09-28T23:11:06+10:00

We don't believe in lock-in contracts when it comes to consulting. If we engage on an ongoing consulting partnership, you are entitled to stop that engagement any time without any penalty. We are here for you and we welcome all feedback. That said, our clients are extremely happy with our services and we have never had to end a relationship due to a bad service!

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“We have been working with Cloud Inn Consulting for over a year and we don't want it to end. They are very flexible in how we engage with them and we get so much value from their expertise and experience!”

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Melissa Dean

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